About Us

In the 1990's, Derek and his wife, Susan, purchased their first avocado farm in Escondido, then in 2012 they acquired their current 45-acre Valley Center family farm where they grow mainly Hass Avocados and seedless Fuyu Persimmons. Since the orchard was planted in the 1980's, Derek has worked tirelessly to rejuvenate and improve the sustainability of the farm by installing a water well, solar panels, storage tanks, water efficient irrigation systems and planting 400 trees. 

The next generation is bringing many new ideas and perspectives to the family farm.

The rich soil, perfect climate, and 30-year-old trees on Davis Family Farm contributes to the sweetness of the farm's Fuyu persimmons. The crop also tends to come in earlier in the season, giving the farm a leg-up on satisfying persimmon hungry customers ahead of other producers. As for avocados, Derek believes his avocados are much fresher because they are able to be in the hands of customers a few days after being picked compared to those sold at the grocery store from imported foreign countries. 

Davis Family Farm currently sells to packing houses, restaurants, school districts and at farmers markets. Outside of his passion for farming, Derek has a strong passion for music. Back in the day, Derek was a professional musician and now he writes and records music for fun. 

Susan and Derek share their passion with the next generation of family at Davis Farms- Harmony, Derek,  Fareed, Stephanie, Daniel, Bryce, Darren, Rami, Emi and Zayne.

Farm Advisor: Dane Petersen